Electrical & Mechanical Reliability Division Director - Rob Miller , CMRP

Electrical & Mechanical Reliability Division Director, Rob Miller

Rob Miller is Stockton Infrared’s Electrical & Mechanical Reliability Division Director. He joined Stockton Infrared in 2012 after working in Stockton’s sister company, United Infrared, Inc., where he is the Contracting Director. Mr. Miller started his career in the US Navy nuclear program as a reactor operator specializing in maintaining, operating, and performing repairs on nuclear reactor plant systems.

He brings over 23 years of consulting experience in maintenance and reliability PdM technologies. Rob is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and has held offices in the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professional (SMRP). He has worked with practically every predictive maintenance technology.

Mr. Miller has performed testing at numerous manufacturing, commercial, and government and military facilities throughout the United States. He has also provided formal public and private formal training in Infrared Thermography, Ultrasound Inspections, Precision Alignment, Vibration Analysis, Precision Maintenance, Dynamic Balancing, Electrical Safety, NFPA-70E and other on-site training classes on specific equipment & software systems

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