Mechanical and Electrical White Papers

Using Infrared Thermography on Mechanical and Electrical equipment.

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Jan-2012 "Are Electrical Switchgear Surveys still the 'Low-Hanging Fruit' of Infrared Thermography?"
- Gregory R. Stockton
Dec-2010 "Using Thermal Mapping at the Data Center"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   Inframation 2010
Jan-2007 "The Role of Infrared Testing at Data Centers"
- Eric Stockton
   IR Info 2007
Apr-2006 "Should panel covers be removed to perform an IR survey of electrical switchgear?"
- Gregory R. Stockton
Dec-2005 "Five Nines" and Infrared (IR) Testing at Data Centers"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   Uptime Magazine
Oct-2005 "Applications for Infrared Thermography at Computer Centers"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   Inframation 2005
Feb-2005 "Aerial Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   Maintenance World
Oct-2002 "Infrared Applications Everywhere!"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   InfraMation 2002
Jan-2002 "Are you IR Challenged?"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   IR/Info 2002
Jan-2002 "Using Infrared Cameras for Process Control"
- Ron Predmesky
   SPIE 2002
Oct-2000 "Thermography in the paper mill; detecting moisture irregularities"
- Norm Gaver
   InfraMation 2000
Jul-2000 "NOT the Low-hanging Fruit of Infrared Thermography"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   Thermal Solutions 2000
Apr-1996 "How and Why an IR Contractor Should Promote the Use of a Spot Radiometer for Client's In-House P/PM Programs."
- Gregory R. Stockton
   IR/Info 1996
Jan-1995 "How I Complete a Day's Work in One Day"
- Gregory R. Stockton
   IR/Info 1996